Urinary Incontinence (UI)

It is one of the most common problems faced by women, not only is it a pathology associated with the passage of time, but any woman for various reasons may suffer urinary incontinence, being exposed to suffer small losses of urine when doing certain types of sports, small efforts or just laughing. The loss of vaginal tone may be related to the passage of time, hormonal problems and processes such as childbirth. Vaginal relaxation significantly affects the sexual fulfillment of women and eventually these problems are no longer only physical, also affecting the security of the person and their relationships.

– GyneLase™ Treatment
It offers a fast, comfortable and effective solution to mild and moderate urinary incontinence syndrome (SUI). The contraction and retensioning of the treated tissues return the woman to her normal urinary retention capacity, without the need to undergo surgery. This system stimulates the vaginal mucosa by laser so that it recovers its strength and tone, returning to the woman the ability to fully enjoy sexual intercourse by increasing friction and friction. More about the GyneLase™ Treatment.

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